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Kampelikova 767/2a

500 04 Hradec Kralove

Czech Republic


IBC container, drum, can, jerrycan


ECS Slovakia

The company ECS Slovakia, s.r.o. was established in 2008 in order to operate in the Slovak market, and in EU and non-EU countries. It provides the services in the same range as the parent company EKO – CONTAINER SERVICE and has the seat in Smolenice in the area of the company Chemolak.

Pressure test with ECS seal

When repairing and reconditioning IBC containers ECS uses its own technology of Silver Ultra 20 pressure tests. Pressurization of IBC containers by pressure highly exceeding the operating pressures in static placement of liquids verifies the tightness of containers even for the dynamic stress during transport and handling. The proof of the pressure test is the original aluminium cap of a bleed valve with an ECS seal.

Effect on your economy

Ownership of a bigger amount of IBC containers, troubles with their re-collection and cleaning, all these issues can be an unnecessary burden for content suppliers. IBC kontejnery sudy kanystry
At ECS we are therefore prepared to offer several existing models to take over the care for your packaging management or to propose a new tailored model so that you can get a demonstrably positive effect on your economy.

ECS can

ECS cans with a volume of 20 litres minimize transport costs using the full area of a euro-pallet. Optimized structure with high strength ensures safe product placement even by the dynamic stress during transport and handling. The possibility to supply cans with an own logo and in different colours supports marketing plans of content suppliers. By its qualities the ECS can, which is a product of ECS own development, pays interest on long experience of ECS in fulfilling customer needs.