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IBC container - maximal space utilization, easy handling


IBC containers are easily interstackable. Thus use of these containers notably (up to 30%) decreases the costs of transport and storage of hazardous substances. Easy handling with IBC containers saves your time and pocket. Fast and easy components interchangeability is also a huge advantage of using these packagings.

IBC kontejner
Food industry For storage and transport of water, syrups, fruit juices, spirits, vegetable oils, wines, squashes, oils etc.
Other industries For oils, lubricants, petrols, acids, lyes, paints, diluters, resins, disinfection and sanitary substances, cosmetics, chemical solutions etc.
  • Resistent to the vast majority of aggresive chemicals
  • Interstackability, stability, low weight
  • Easy handling (fly-under pallet accessible from each side)
  • Secure and measureable emptying via outlets
  • Notable reduction in storage and handling capacities
  • Great choice from outlet accessories
  • Reconditionability (reusability)
  • Quality guarantee (ISO 9001
UN homologation
IBC containers assigned with the appropriate homologation – UN 31HA1/Y – and thus complying with challenging requirements of ADR, RID and IMDG-Code (transport of hazardous liquids and foodstuffs).
Other parametres
  • For liquids with density up to 1900 kg/m3
  • Pallet – plastic / steel / wooden
  • Inlet DN 150 / 220
  • Outlet DN 50 / 80
  • Two marking plates
  • Capacity indicator (100 litres scale)
  • UN homologation, sanitation atest
  • Certified for storage of 1st class flammables
  • Great choice from outlet accessories
  • Colour of inner bottle – white / blue / black (prevents content from UV rays)
  • Capacity – 640 / 820 / 1000 / 1250 litres
IBC kontejner IBC kontejner Výpustný ventil
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